Scoot Scootin’ Boogie

HAVE YOU BEEN itchin’ to get your scoot on in Houst-on?? Or have you already been scootin’ around the CBD on one of those side-hustler / street vendor rented scoots?

Then I have some troubling news for you…an outright ban of said scoots appears to be immanent! To deal with the growing sprawl of ‘obnoxious’ rented scooters, Houston’s administration and regulatory affairs department intends to ask the City Council to amend some codes that would ban the scoot slingin’ vendors from public places near parks and other city maintained gathering spots! The code amendments would also ban all scooting on sidewalks – relegating them to the streets! – and would outlaw the parking of a vehicle loaded down with scoots with the intent to rent on public property.

If you fell like your voice needs to be heard re: the great scoot debate, you have until 5PM on Monday, March 15th the submit comments.

 Ordinance Amendment Comments (

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