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As we approach April, more of us are putting emphasis on our home gardens. Soon, flower beds will cities across the country. This correlates with the increase in vaccinations, setting up for a phenomenal spring/summer season.

But it gets better. Lowe’s is giving away a variety of gardening kits during the month of April. Lowe’s is a leader in home gardening plants, tools, and accessories. Recently, the retailer announced that four garden-to-go kits will be made available statewide every Thursday in April starting on the 8th of April.

Science shows that maintaining a healthy garden is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. The combination of seed, soil, and sun repels depression and anxiety, boosting your daily mood.

To reserve your spot in line for one of these special kits, head over to Lowes.com starting 1st of April. Once your spot is reserved, you can pick up your garden kit on Thursdays during curbside event days. Details of the pieces of the kits are slowly being revealed.

What To Expect

Lowe’s has released some preliminary information as to what customers can expect to receive with these gardening kits.

Firstly, the April 8th kit is set to feature an 8-quart Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and a Bonnie Foodie Fresh Plant. Also, the garden-to-go set will be complemented with water soluble plant food, globes, and cook Amanda Frederickson’s exclusive recipes.

Details are still scarce regarding the April 15th complimentary kit. We do know that the set features a flower pinata, seed bombs, and mystery growfetti.

The Earth Day to-go kit varies by region. Tree saplings will be part of the free kit.

Finally, the April 29th edition of Lowe’s Garden-to-go Giveaway will be fun for the family. Included in the box is a paintbrush, wooden pieces, paint, and milkweed seeds so your family can build your very own butterfly garden.

These are truly four of the best gardening kits on the market today!

Check Out Lowe’s SpringFest

The garden-to-go kits are just one part of Lowe’s SpringFest! All April, the store offers amazingly low prices on gardening accessories and spring products. These products include lawnmowers, flower beds, gloves, hedge trimmers, and more!

Also, Lowe’s offers special lessons and clinics that are taught both online and in-store. If you are just getting into gardening, the courses will teach you valuable gardening and outdoor skills. Sign up for a lesson today on the Lowe’s website!

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