Yes, You Can Have an Easter Egg Hunt This Weekend

After a year of Covid-19 and having to cancel special events and hold virtual family gatherings, people now just want to celebrate the holidays in person. One of them is Easter, which is Sunday. But be careful, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which released guidelines for how to celebrate holidays safely. 

The biggest thing is the same as usual: Avoid large crowds and wear a mask. Attend virtual religious services (if it’s anything like last year, houses of worship already have a plan in place) or practice your religious customs at home with family. 

Really, you should just be gathering with immediate members of your household, but if you are going to gather, head outside (it’s supposed to be lovely spring weather this weekend) and sit six feet apart from one another. 

While outside, have an Easter egg hunt—just be sure the kids and kids-at-heart are masked up. Have a potluck meal; it’s safer to bring your own food and utensils, anyways. 

If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you can gather inside maskless with others who are fully vaccinated as well, says the CDC. If you’re fully vaccinated, you can also gather inside with unvaccinated family and friends, so long as they aren’t at risk for severe illness. 

Don’t want to risk anything? The CDC also suggests some pandemic-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays, such as throwing a virtual dance party, leaving food and gifts on loved ones’ doorsteps, and waving at neighbors while on a walk around your block.

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