Paramount + Review: Affordable Alternative To Cable TV


Peppa Pig is now streaming on Paramount +!!! Paramount + is the latest streaming service to enter the arena. The affordable streaming service, brought to you by ViacomCBS, features shows and movies from children’s favorites, like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, and classic Paramount films and Comedy Central stand-up shows! We’re doing a Paramount + Review; the new streaming service’s features and affordable offerings. Also, we have a great option for you to try it out for free!

What Is Paramount +?

Paramount+ is a new over-the-top streaming service brought to you by ViacomCBS. If you were a CBS All Access subscriber, the service replaces that. If you’re a family with small children, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig are just a few shows available at your fingertips. More of a Millennial looking to reminisce? Tons of Nickelodeon classic shows, such as All That, Rugrats, and Rocketpower.

Paramount + Review: Featured Shows

The service features a huge library of family-friendly movies, shows, and original creations from CBS, MTV, ComedyCentral, and Nickelodeon to name a few. The service is also a great place to stream March Madness basketball games that are happening over the next few weeks. For movie buffs, Paramount + will be streaming many films about two months after they hit theaters.

The library is vast, featuring more than 30,000 episodes and 2,500 movies.

Paramount + Review: Cost

The streaming-video costs $10 a month for ad-free or $6 a month with ads. That said, if you sign up in March, you’ll get an extended free trial for one additional month, beginning April 1.

Looking for something more long-term? Paramount + is offering half-off annual subscriptions, using the promo code YEAR until the end of the month.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to sign up for your trial of the streaming service. If you’re unhappy with the purchase, Paramount + allows you to cancel your subscription at any time.

Just like other services, you’re able to use Paramount + on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other connected device.

Our Take

For such an affordable offering with thousands of shows, ranging from family-friendly to adult comedy specials, it’s definitely worth checking out the free trial.

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