Tackle learning gaps and get ahead this summer with expert help

By now, you probably have a pretty good understanding of what Staying Ahead of the Game can offer your child. Chief among its attributes is an increased focus on improving executive function skills, which helps students excel in life as well as the classroom by learning how to learn and self-advocate.

But the Houston-based company also offers traditional academic tutoring across all K-12 subjects, standardized test prep, college application help, and even homeschooling. From SAT and ACT to ISEE (all levels), SAOTG can provide expert-level guidance that translates into higher test scores.

They also offer a unique diagnostic tool called Mindprint Assessment, which identifies individual strengths and needs and even provides strategies to improve learning efficiency. For students looking at taking the SAT or ACT soon, Mindprint can inform which test to take and even predict scoring.

Developed by neuroscientists at Penn Medicine and the National Institute of Mental Health, the Mindprint Assessment measures 10 essential cognitive and executive functions including working memory, complex reasoning, flexible thinking, and processing speed.

The Mindprint specialist can provide your child’s SAOTG coach with their Learner Profile in order to target identified needs and nurture strengths in sessions.

SAOTG can hone in on areas where your student might need a little extra help, whether it’s with traditional subjects like reading, writing, and math or with areas that target life beyond school like interviewing, public speaking, and internships.

Typically, SAOTG offers a suite of academic and executive function-based summer courses. However, they will be forgoing their traditional group courses again this summer to work one-on-one with students to provide targeted academic enrichment and addressing COVID-induced learning gaps.

Whether your children are reviewing or previewing course material, seeking a jump start on summer assignments, hoping for a leg up on standardized test prep, or looking to sharpen their reading or writing skills, Staying Ahead of the Game can help.

To start your child on the path to personal success, call 713-665-4263 or email info@saotg.com for more information.

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