Texas jewelry maven Kendra Scott honors moms with $100,000 ‘PTO’ fund

Some hardworking moms are going to hit the motherlode this Mother’s Day, thanks to Austin jewelry empress Kendra Scott.

Scott’s company has created a new initiative called the Kendra Scott Mother’s Day Personal Time Off Fund, which aims to give moms some much-deserved time off and bring attention to mothers’ many hours of unpaid labor. The initiative will gift 50 mothers from throughout the country with $2,000 each in honor of Mother’s Day and all the hard work they do.

Scott, a working mother herself, knows all too well that both stay-at-home moms and work-from-home moms help hold American homes together — and contribute nearly $11 trillion in unpaid labor each year, according to parenting site Motherly and other news organizations. And during the coronavirus pandemic, moms have shouldered even more obligations, and all without the benefit of traditional PTO.

With her company’s founding philosophy focusing on family, fashion, and philanthropy, it’s only natural that Scott would offer up the mother of all funding opportunities to everyday moms during Mother’s Day season.

“I’m a mom to three boys, as young as 7 and as old as 19. I’m also a founder, designer, and philanthropist — but being a mom has always come first,” Scott says. “Over the past year, the world has seen what I’ve always known to be true: Moms are superheroes, the ones that have held it all together, even through the most challenging times. And they deserve an acknowledgment of that this Mother’s Day.”

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching and coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Scott says she hopes her new PTO Fund will help to cover childcare and other needs so mothers will feel empowered to take personal time off and focus on their mental health.

Mothers who want to get in on the fun (and fund) can post a picture or video of their “real-life mom moments,” tagging @kendrascott and #WearItLikeaMom on Instagram through April 22 for the chance at a $2,000 payout from the Kendra Scott Mother’s Day PTO Fund. Recipients will be announced the week of May 3.

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