TransGriot Just Won “Outstanding Blog” at the GLAAD Media Awards

Trailblazing transgender activist Monica Roberts was honored during the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards today when the late journalist’s blog, TransGriot was awarded “Outstanding Blog,” beating out Joe.My.God., The Reckoning, Gays With Kids, and Pittsburg Lesbian Correspondents. 

Roberts, who died at age 58 in October 2020, founded her influential blog back in 2006. Since then, TransGriot has provided a voice to trans people of color, tracking unnoticed deaths in the transgender community, promoting LGBTQ rights, and setting an example for how to report names and genders properly. 

TransGriot, which also won a GLAAD award in 2016, has continued publishing since Roberts’s passing, thanks to contributors, said friend Dee Dee Watters, who accepted today’s award on Roberts’s behalf. 

“I know this award is extremely important to [Roberts] as well as it is to myself,” said Watters in a video message on Twitter. “And I also know that the contributors that are now with TransGriot are going to be super excited to know there was another award that was won.” 

In the message, Watters discussed how excited Roberts would get whenever GLAAD nominations would be announced, and the impact GLAAD Media has on the community.

“So in honor of Monica, in honor of TransGriot, which is still up and running,” said Watters, “we say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’”

Read more about Roberts’s legacy here

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