Can You Survive Space in This Apollo 13-Themed Escape Room?

Here in Space City, we’re all astronauts … well, not really, but we now can pretend to be at Escape It Houston. The local escape room’s new Apollo 13-themed adventure makes it feel like we’re actually headed to the moon (oh, wait). 

First, a brief history lesson: Almost 51 years ago, on April 13, 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft carrying Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise was blasting through space, set to become the third-ever shuttle to land on the moon. Disaster struck when an oxygen tank exploded 56 hours into the journey, and Lovell, Swigert, and Haise, as well as everyone at Mission Control had to abandon the mission and problem solve to get the astronauts home safely. They did, and the Apollo 13 mission has forever been branded a “successful failure.”

Now, almost 51 years later, it’s your turn. The escape room takes you on Apollo 13’s journey to try to stabilize the lunar module, because you obviously weren’t there to experience it the first time. The room accommodates four crew positions including commander, pilot, navigator, and engineer. You have 30 minutes to escape and “prepare for reentry into the earth’s atmosphere; if you fail you will most likely perish,” according to Escape It Houston’s website. 

If you need help, just channel Tom Hanks as Lovell in Ron Howard’s 1995 masterpiece, Apollo 13. Just remember the real Lovell actually said, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Escape It Houston has two locations in Humble (east) and Houston (west). The Apollo 13 room is at the west location, along with other rooms like Da Vinci Code Breaker and Pandemic. Two additional rooms, The Alamo and Medusa’s Lair, are coming soon, according to the website. The east location offers additional rooms that feature Escape the Titanic, Rameses Revenge, Studi Wonderland, and Screams from Below, which is for ages 18 and older. 

From $19.99. West location: 7620 Katy Fwy #110, Houston; East location: 11501 N Sam Houston PKWY E, Suite B, Humble. Learn more here.

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