5 Perfect Houston Parks for Your Annual Bluebonnet Photos

After February’s troublesome freeze, you may be wondering when and where we’ll see bluebonnets crop up here in the Houston area. The answer is, well, now.

Yes, it took some time, but the bluebonnets have bloomed, y’all. And you’ll want to head out sooner than later before we bid farewell to peak season and welcome even warmer weather and maybe even a drought.

As you plan for your picture-perfect expedition, be sure to keep the safety of yourself, your neighbors, and the environment in mind. Be wary of park and city rules, watch for wildlife (we’ve all seen the snake in the flowers image circling social media), and stay off of roadways and out of traffic. It may not actually be illegal to pick bluebonnets, but it is, of course, discouraged.

In other words, hands off, and watch where you step. 

T.C. Jester Park

The hike-and-bike trail that runs near T.C. Jester Park has seen its share of wildflowers already this spring, recently including our state’s beloved floral representative.

Terry Hershey Park

The fields along the Terry Hershey Park trail near the Kendall Neighborhood Library are currently blossoming and ripe for family photo sessions.

Willow Waterhole Greenway

Known for its annual abundance of bluebonnets, Willow Waterhole Greenway is a 291-acre greenspace in Southwest Houston. This year’s visitors have even spotted a few white and pink-petaled variations, making the greenway a unique stopover on your bluebonnet quest.

Mason Park

Canvassing the hills along the protected marsh area in Mason Park near Pasadena are bunches of bluebonnets just waiting to be photographed.

Memorial Drive

Along Memorial Drive you’ll find plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the bluebonnets. Locals have reported Jackson Hill and Memorial Drive a particular hotspot, including nearby Cleveland Park and neighboring Spotts Park off of South Heights Boulevard. Memorial Park itself has also begun to bloom, making hunting down Texas’s favorite flower a real walk in the park.

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