Houston rap legend Bun B launches ‘Trill’ new show on SiriusXM

As anyone who has attended the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards can attest, few can host a party like Texas rap legend Bun B.

The charismatic, larger-than-life pride of Houston broke through the clamped-tight lock of New York and West Coast hip-hop as one half of the iconic group UGK in the ’90s. Since then, the unofficial mayor of Houston has achieved titan status, working with superstars such as Beyonce and Jay Z, making appearances on national TV, and even guest lecturing at Rice University.

But now, the hip-hop statesman wants to give back — something intrinsically part of his value system, as evidenced by his work during the George Floyd rallies and recent storms.

To that end, the icon has launched the “2 Trill Show” on Sirius Radio. The show will air on Rock The Bells (43), the channel founded by LL Cool J that just received a major cash infusion of $8 million. The 2 Trill Show premieres Wednesday, April 14 at 11 am and runs Wednesday; shows re-air during the week. The schedule can be found here.

Bun B relayed to CultureMap recently that the show is a “natural evolution” of his career. Expect candid, raw, and real talk with his wife Queenie, his sidekick, and special weekly guests — and of course, the best of Southern hip-hop. “I want to open my doors up to the OGs from the South, let them come in and we honor them, give them a platform,” Bun B said in a statement. “This is not really about me. I want to celebrate us. And I feel Rock The Bells is the perfect place to make that happen.”

Bun B also noted that, “if you’re not necessarily from the South, there are a lot of very small, regional groups who maybe didn’t get a big push to make a name for themselves on a national scale, but in their areas, were very big deals, musically. In certain situations, they [may have] outsold bigger artists, locally. And they are very respected in their regions and had a great track record and toured around the South, but maybe never cracked on the East Coast or the West Coast or whatever.”

While Bun B pitched the idea for the show and ultimately agreed to host, he acknowledges that the potential for growth is “huge.” Get onboard now, fans — it’s just a matter of time before Bun brings Southern Trill to the world.

Bun Bs “2 Trill Show” premieres at 11 am Wednesday, April 14. New shows air Wednesdays and are re-broadcast during the week. Find the schedule here.

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