How to Find the Best Mattress Store and Best Mattress Deals in Houston, Texas


Many factors make mattress shopping a time-consuming task, but one of the more prominent considerations is the limited selection of mattresses at some showrooms and storefronts. It’s hard to browse when there are only so many options available.

Amerisleep is a mattress brand that avoids this problem by offering a comprehensive array of mattresses. They feature three mattress types, from memory foam to latex foam to hybrid mattresses. These mattresses come in varying thicknesses, firmnesses, and sizes to match more sleeping styles.

Best Mattresses and Best Mattress Stores in Houston, Texas

Amerisleep doesn’t believe in “one mattress for everyone” because people have different preferences and body types. Since it’s impossible to make one mattress universally comfortable, Amerisleep chose to diversify and offer different firmnesses to suit all kinds of sleepers.

Are you someone who prefers to sleep on their side? The AS3, AS4, and AS5 mattresses are all excellent options to consider, along with the Organica mattress. The AS3 and Organica mattresses offer a supportive medium feel, while the AS4 and AS5 mattresses focus more on plush cushioning with their medium-soft and soft firmnesses, respectively.

What if you’re a back sleeper? We would recommend the AS3, AS2, or even the AS1 mattress. The AS3 is excellent for back sleepers looking for a touch of cushion, while the AS2 and AS1 offer medium-firm and firm support. The Organica is another good option for back sleepers who want a softer mattress with all-natural materials.

Do you fall asleep on your stomach? We suggest the AS2 or AS1 for their consistently firm surfaces. Stomach sleepers are most likely to misalign their spines and wake up with back pain, thanks to the pressure gravity places on their bellies.

Of course, it’s possible to switch between these positions, which is known as combination sleeping. The AS3 and Organica mattresses are perfect for people who fall asleep in one position and wake up in another.

You don’t have to just take our word on the comfortable feel of these mattresses. You can try out all of these mattresses at Amerisleep’s Houston mattress stores, along with other products like their sheets, pillows, and adjustable frames. Check out Amerisleep’s three locations below:

No matter what mattress you end up choosing, every mattress comes with Amerisleep’s standard free shipping, 100-night sleep trial, and 20-year limited warranty.

The home trial lets you test the bed out for a few months once it arrives on your doorstep. If you give your mattress a chance and find it’s not the right bed for you, you can return it for another model or ask Amerisleep for a full refund. There is no need to worry about getting stuck with the wrong mattress when you have the protection of a sleep trial!

You’ll find the Amerisleep mattress store on the first level of The Galleria at 5135 W Alabama Street, Houston. The Amerisleep Houston mattress store opens Mondays through Saturdays at 10 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. The shop’s Sunday hours are shorter, running from noon to 6 p.m.

Other nearby Amerisleep locations include their Katy mattress store at 23501 Cinco Ranch Boulevard and their Friendswood mattress store at 500 Baybrook Mall. Both of these stores are a relatively short distance from central Houston.

The Amerisleep mattress store in Katy is at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch and is open every day of the week. The store hours are Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m.

The Amerisleep mattress store in Friendswood is also open every day at Baybrook Mall with similar hours. The store opens Mondays through Thursdays at 11 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m., while they close an hour later at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Their Sunday hours are the same as Katy’s, from noon to 6 p.m.

If you want to order a mattress outside of these hours or simply don’t want to leave your home, you can shop Amerisleep’s online selection. Their products are showcased on their website, from pillows and platform beds to blankets, sheets, and, of course, mattresses.

Best Mattress Deals in Houston, Texas

At Amerisleep, most of the deals you would find in-store are also available online. However, some Houston mattress deals are exclusive to Amerisleep’s showrooms.

Shoppers can further save on certain accessories by taking advantage of Amerisleep’s bundles, available online and in-store. For example, the Amerisleep Platform Bed can be bundled with a memory foam or hybrid mattress of your choice.

For an even more luxurious experience, you can purchase an advanced bedroom set up with one of their remote-controlled adjustable beds so you can elevate your head or feet and say goodbye to snoring, sleep apnea, and aches and pains. The combination between these advanced bed bases and Amerisleep’s comfortable and supportive mattresses can be a game-changer for your sleep!

Remember that every Amerisleep mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial, ensuring you won’t be stuck with a mattress you find uncomfortable. You can choose from any one of their award-winning memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses to find one that’s perfect for you. Additionally, you can try out their wide range of sleep-boosting accessories such as their bed sheets, pillows, comforters, and even their waterproof mattress protector. You can also sleep easy knowing that your mattress purchase is protected with the company’s industry-leading 20-year warranty. That way, you safeguard your investment for decades to come.

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