Nurture your wanderlust for less with savings from this exclusive travel club

Who doesn’t love discovering a great value? Travel buffs especially will treasure this find. ThirdHome GO! is a private travel club that offers its members exclusive discounts of 50 percent or more off market rates at four- and five-star resorts across the globe.

When you’re ready to travel again, whether it’s lounging poolside in Mexico, sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar in Thailand, or basking in the tropical breezes of Brazil, you’ll vacation comfortably knowing you’re experiencing luxury for less within the ThirdHome GO! collection.

ThirdHome GO! itself is a division of ThirdHome, a private luxury exchange service service for second-home owners — no budget hotels or hostels here.

The residences in the ThirdHome collection must clear a high bar based on the caliber of the residence itself, the property location, and the amenities offered. ThirdHome’s 12,000-plus homes, which are located in 95 different countries, have an average value of $2.4 million across the entire portfolio.

Through its new GO! division, ThirdHome allows its invitation-only members access to the four- and five-star luxury resort-based properties in the collection at a remarkable discount. How? ThirdHome periodically experiences surplus inventory in the resort-based part of the collection, and then makes those stays available to its members at a fraction of the rates that the general public would pay.

Imagine booking a five-star, two-bedroom residence in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, that would normally cost $2,699 per night — but you pay just $3,900 for the entire week. Values like this are the norm, not the exception, when booking within GO!.

“My husband and I travel a lot for business, as well as fun trips with family and friends,” says ThirdHome GO! member Heather T. “Before joining Go! we were loyal to certain hotel brands, but not anymore. I am amazed at the caliber of residences available through GO! and the pricing is incomparable. We’ve only been members for a short period of time, but we’re already eager to book our next vacation spot as soon as the last one ends, if not before.”

Ready to pack your bags and sign up? For a limited time, enjoy a free lifetime membership to ThirdHome GO! — a value of $1,995 per year. Plus, you can enjoy a $500 discount off your first stay valued at $1,000 or more.

That leaves more for you to spend on adventures, spa treats, amazing meals — or your next trip for that matter.

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