Luxurious new Midtown nightclubs caters to serious VIPs in the know


Midtown’s newest nightclub is a sleek lounge inspired by one of the world’s most famous architects. The Starck Room opened quietly in February but won’t celebrate its official grand opening until next month.

To be clear, while the Starck Room references the name of French architect and designer Philippe Starck as part of its inspiration — with a press release name checking projects such as the Delano hotel in South Beach, the luxury SLS hotel in Los Angeles, and New York’s redesigned Paramount hotel — Starck himself is not affiliated with the project.

A representative tells CultureMap that the club’s ownership does not need Starck’s permission to use his last name, because it’s a common German name. Also, the Houston establishment does not have any connection to the Starck Club, the legendary hot spot that ruled Dallas’ nightlife scene in the ’80s.

With all that established, Houstonians with a certain amount of disposable income might find the Starck Room appealing. Located in the former Ibiza lounge space at 2450 Louisiana St., the Starck Room sets itself from other nightlife hot spots with its intimate space — just 1,800 square feet — and luxurious details. Patrons will find a polished floor, plush banquettes, and gold accents throughout the room. Outside, a 300 square foot patio features a flower wall and an Instagram-worthy graffiti wall.

The club has adopted the popular phrase “if you know, you know” as its motto with the promise that those in the know will receive VIP treatment during their time there. Designed by Fritz Colinet of Retna Media, the Starck Room brand has been carefully crafted to communicate luxury.

“I wanted you to feel the elegance of the brand immediately once you saw the logo,” Colinet said in a statement. “These creative teams’ artistry created an elegance that’s unparalleled in Houston.”

Drink options include riffs on classic cocktails and an extensive selection of champagne with prices that fit the luxurious setting. For now, flatbreads are the primary food option, but a more extensive menu is under development.

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