5 Actually Useful Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation season, and while it’s hard for new grads to imagine what their lives are going to be like after school, they’re going to need some stuff, like tool kits, furniture, a “how to file taxes” info guide, you name it. Instead of your typical card and flowers (they’re just going to throw those away when they move out, you know), here’s a short list of useful gift ideas for your grad that will actually be useful to plan for the future.

Plan for the Future 

For those organized grads who seem to have everything planned out, these notebooks from Space Montrose will help to keep their plans in check. The notebook comes in three available leather finishes with titles like Big Ideas, Baby Names, and Goals—perfect for those big future milestones and achievements. $22.50. Space Montrose, 1706 Westheimer Rd, Suite 2. spacemontrose.com

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​​​Oh, the Places They’ll Go 

First comes graduation, then (often) comes travel, whether it’s to a new job, around the world, or just back home for the next adventure. To make the treks a little easier, upgrade the new grad’s luggage situation. The medium cheetah duffel from The Monogram Shop is a great way to add a little personality to luggage. Or opt for a classic John Hart toiletries case. Monogram the full name or three-letter initials with 16 different font options in 13 different colors. From $26. The Monogram Shop, 5876 San Felipe St. monogramshophouston.com 

Upcycle Those Old T-Shirts

Let’s be honest, college comes with a lot of T’s. Why not put them to good use? A quilt is a good way to keep the memories and the shirts without the hassle of packing or throwing them out. Pricing varies. T-Shirt Quilts of Texas, 832-559-1190. tshirtquiltstx.com 

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Sweet Dreams 

Now that your new grad is an “adult,” it’s time to update those dinosaur and ballerina bed sheets. The Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set from Caril0ha is made of viscose from bamboo and comes in five different solid colors for all bed sizes. $139. Cariloha, 600 N. Shepherd Dr., Suite 192. cariloha.com 

Confettigram? I think yes!

Ultimately, graduation is a time to celebrate. So, do just that: Send the new grad into the world with a little glitter and perhaps some cash along with it. Trust us, it will be greatly appreciated. $6.99. Emerson Sloan, 2438 Rice Blvd. emersonsloan.com 

Take Away the Guessing

Lastly, just stop the guessing altogether and have your grad write a list of things they need as they start their next chapter. Living in dorms or student apartments, they might not have thought about needing extra plates, towels, or even a microwave. Getting a list will ensure they have what they need without being gifted two or more of the same thing.

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