Hot Houston crowd kicks it at Washington Avenue western-themed bar’s opening bash

What: Sneak Peek Preview Party

Where: Fat Boots Trailer Park Bar

The scoop: Washington Avenue’s newest hot spot introduced itself to Houstonians with a lavish pre-opening bash.

Developed by veterans of the Las Vegas nightlife scene, Fat Boots offers a lively, kitsch-filled alternative to the area’s booming nightclubs. Instagram-ready settings mix with performances by the bar’s staff — known as the Fat Boots Flamingos — to create a fun experience.

Speaking of a fun experience, a red stationary bike on a platform provided pedalers an IG story-worthy moment (the cheeky sign above declares, “one cold drink deserves one good spank.”)

In addition to all the boot scootin’ and buzzy biking, attendees sipped signature cocktails including the Porch Possum (Titos, Tang, etc), the Trailerhood (a riff on a Long Island Iced Tea), and the Double Wide (Arnold Palmer spiked with Jim Beam Honey). A soundtrack of ’90s classics and familiar anthems had the crowd singing along.

The party spilled out onto the back patio, where guests enjoyed the cool weather, secondary bar, and selfies at a phone booth (yes, that was once a thing).

Who: Fat Boots owners Jennifer Worthington, Robert Frey, and Ned Collet; Neal Hamil, Annie Mante, Bradley Patton Allen Smith, Tim Maloney, DJ Rican, Josh Espinedo, Van Moody, and Cliff Reckling, and more folks who like to dance, sing, and sway to the music.

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