Familiar face in Houston society and business launches women-focused show

When searching for a name for her new show spotlighting “extraordinary women doing extraordinary things,” businesswoman and familiar society face Leisa Holland Nelson remembered a phrase her mother uttered when she was nine years old and being admonished for bad behavior.

“I mean business,” Holland Nelson’s mother declared. Cue a lightbulb moment.

“That was it,” says the vice president and chief marketing officer for Astoundz, an internet marketing company. “That was the name. When women are serious, they mean business.”

Holland Nelson’s show, “Women Mean Business,” is a 12-minute video program centering on successful, actualized women in myriad industries. The virtual program airs at 10 am every Monday here.

“This show is about shattering glass ceilings,” she tells CultureMap. “I’m interviewing women who have accomplished something — for other people. They’re in business, nonprofit — it doesn’t matter they do as much as they do it for a reason and they’ve accomplished what they’ve wanted to accomplish. They’re in a pinnacle in their career and they’re ready to tell their stories — and share how they got there with other women.”

Guests include entrepreneurs, CEOs, young up-and-comers, and leaders of nonprofit organizations. Names such as former ABC13 weather star Casey Curry, who has made a leap to the corporate world, and Stephanie and Katie Tsuru, who launched SheSpace a female-focused coworking space located in The Heights, are among the guests Holland Nelson interviews. “It was important to me that there are in-person — and not Zoom — interviews,” she adds. “It’s an instinctive, natural conversation.”

Holland Nelson started in Houston fashion before stepping into the business arena. She is a 12-year veteran of business radio programming. (Near-future plans include a nationally syndicated radio segment. )

She, like the sources she interviews, hopes to inspire and give back. “I’ve been obsessed with women in business for years. I want people to be inspired and to listen to the show and come away thinking, ‘I can do whatever it is I want to do.’ And I want them to get the path of how to do it.”

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