Brainy Houston teen scores admission into 22 prestigious universities

Dedicated and motivated, a Houston teen who is college-bound has multiple options to choose from after receiving acceptance letters from 22 prestigious universities.

“My parents fought so hard to get me to where I am today. Why not make the most of my life here?” said Yes Prep senior John Venegas Juarez. “Why not reach for the stars and apply to so many programs and do the best that I can in this country?”

Princeton, Brown, University of Chicago, Dartmouth University, and Cornell University are among the list of acceptances Juarez received. He told ABC13 that as a first-generation student, he feels a lot of pride in being able to achieve these things.

“These are not only my achievements,” he said. “This is an achievement for my family. This is an achievement for first-generation students. This is an achievement for people like me, to be represented in higher education.”

As for his final choice, that remains a mystery. But Juarez said he wants to make a difference and dreams of going to law school in order to pursue a political career.


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