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All of us agents dream of selling those $25 million luxury estates that we see so easily done when we binge-watch shows like “Selling Sunset” and all of the “Million Dollar Listing” shows out there. It all sounds super glamorous, and the reality is, you can do it, too! Yes, hard work and diligence is needed but in order to get into those playgrounds of the affluent, many do not realize there is science involved.

Science? Yes, science! There is technology out there that has already been built for you to reach these elites — you just need to know the shortcuts on how to tap into it. This is where companies like WealthEngine come into play, where you can access their database of more than 300 million individuals and build a custom list of prospects based on geography, wealth, affinity, lifestyle, etc. for your market. Their army of statisticians collect public data and slice and dice it to make it user-friendly with rankings and score cards so you can really target who you want to reach.

This is target marketing at an extremist level and worth every penny if you use it right. Think of it as a big funnel where you can start broad on geographics then refine as you wish: net worth, annual income, value of current properties owned, etc. Then hone in on rare granular levels of special interests… Do they golf? Own a boat? Are they into fine dining? Collect art? etc. You will be blown away on how specific it can be and come up with the most amazing tailored list of prospects to add to your database to get started.

But nothing is worse than spending money on useless information if you cannot reach them. We’ve all done that, right? So, how good is the profile information once you’ve invested in your “list”? The primary snail mail is provided and the good news with WealthEngine is that you can also gain access to email and affiliated phone numbers for both personal and business if they have them (and you can filter out those that do not). So yes, there are ways to reach them once you’ve refined your list without running into dead ends and wasting money. To me, this is a huge differential.

Having a tool like WealthEngine in your back pocket not only will allow you to build the most affluent database to brand yourself as the luxury specialist in your market, but can also be used as a listing tool. Think about how you also can show your prospective seller on how you will identify and target their pool of perfect buyers for their luxury estate. How can they say “no” when you do that? It’s a definite edge on securing the listing and will help you rise above in this competitive market even if you’ve never sold a luxury listing before. Take the wasteful spending out of the randomness of casting a wide net of marketing dollars out to the general public, and hone in on who most likely will buy.

So stop dreaming of driving around L.A. like Christine Quinn from “Selling Sunset” in her Lamborghini Urus, and make it your own reality by using the science at hand to become the go-to person in luxury real estate in your market. You can do it!

Anne Ewasko is a veteran Realtor in the Chicago area and a longtime techie. Visit her at

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