Boutique Houston-owned winery uncorks new tasting room in The Heights

A prominent Houston couple has established a new venue to showcase their Argentinian winery. Sergio and Carolina Weitzman purchased the historic home at 447 Heights Boulevard to serve as a tasting room and events venue for Serca Wines.

The home, formerly the headquarters for Houstonia magazine (447 Heights Blvd.), has been transformed into an events space where groups of up to 100 can gather to sip Serca wines. In addition to a first floor lounge that’s decorated with photos from the Weitzman’s Argentinian winery, the space also features a third floor rooftop terrace with a view of the downtown skyline. The third level also includes an event space where Carolina, who recently obtained a Level II certification from the Wine Spirit and Education Trust, will lead wine tasting classes.

Founded 10 years ago, Serca produces wines from grapes grown in Sergio’s homeland of Argentina. The boutique winery produces a number of vintages, including Malbec Rose, Corte Blanc, Merlot, Gran Corte, Malbec Reserva and Cabernet Franc.

The name, a combination of the couple’s first names, also ties into Sergio’s family history. “Serca” means “heart” in Polish, and Sergio’s grandfather was born in Poland.

Currently, the facility is only open by appointment for private tasting. Members of Serca’s wine club will also have access to special events at the venue. Long term, the couple plans to develop a retail space that would showcase both Serca wines and those of other small producers.

“There are a number of wonderful boutique wines the big distributors simply don’t want to spend time on,” Sergio Wetizman said in a statement. “We wanted to create a venue not only for our Serca wines, but for other boutique wineries looking to find their place in the market.”

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